As part of our goal in being your one-stop-shop for all your metal fabrication and finishing needs, we’ve built a 2,000 square foot facility in Tucson to house our new, state-of-the-art plating line.

With our new line in place and operational, we are able to offer Nickel and Gold plating of your product. Plating allows us to use metal to cover the surface of the fabricated piece, typically made from an aluminum base. This plating is important and can be used for decorative purposes, to inhibit corrosion of the underlying metal, to improve solderability, to harden the product, to improve wearability, to lessening friction and to improving paint adhesion. Plating can also aid in changing conduction, improving IR reflectivity, for radiation shielding and more.

Here at Kirin Manufacturing, we utilize a specially designed electroless nickel and gold plating from Technic, Inc.. Electroless plating is a type of plating that allows for the application of one or more layers of metal to a substrate without the use of an electric charge. This can also be called auto-catalytic plating — it allows for the plating to be achieved in an aqueous solution and without using electricity. Compared to other types of plating, electroless plating allows for a cleaner and more controlled process.

Not using electricity for this process allows for a more even, steady, and approximate coating application; even on complex and unique shapes of substrate. This method gives us exact control over the deposition process and allows for improved customization of your product results; thus allowing us to vary the thickness and volume of the application to your exact request. Not only does our process allow us to be exact in finishing your plating requests, it also allows us to remain quick, prompt, and offer our customers a best in class turnaround time. While some companies may take weeks to process a request from start to finish, Kirin Manufacturing prides itself on fast turn around times and often is able to finish products within several days of the request.