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ISO 9001:2015

July 1

New proposed slides

LinkedIn Progress

LinkedIn Profile changes:

Profile refinements for Earl and Jim included:

  • Rewriting profile summaries for each. 

  • Reviewing and changing occupational categories.

  • Researching and changing search tags for industry search.

  • Adding Kirin Mfg photo to profile.

As of June 24th, each has shown marked improvement in search results as shown below.

Jim –  This shows an improvement of 1,100% in search appearances since 6/12/19. 

This snapshot was taken 6/24/19. (7 day )

Earl – This shows an improvement of 278% in search appearances since 6/12/19.

This snapshot was taken 6/24/19.

These statistics show the value of proper profile criteria and the benefit for visibility. Improving the LinkedIn Sales Navigator criteria will allow for a refined search of prospects to connect with. This will also improve search results and profile views.

Work in Sales navigator to refine search and send connection requests would be done on an hourly basis ($100/hr). Connection requests would be performed with the proposed Sales Navigator criteria when approved. This could be limited to 2 hours each (Earl & Jim) per month.

This shows a poor Kirin Manufacturing page due to lack of article posts. Although we did see an uptick in clicks to the website.

As Kirin Manufacturing releases articles on their LinkedIn page, and are shared by Earl and Jim, we should see these numbers increase as well.

Our suggestion is a minimum of two posts per month, based on the short questionnaire we provided you along with a photo of the equipment/employee/part. These would be short (less than 300 words) articles highlighting the capabilities of Kirin Manufacturing.  We would write and post the articles (after approval) on the Kirin page and share from Jim and Earls’ profiles at a cost of $600 for two articles. 

Draft post for linkedIn based on input from Jim

Lack of critical parts threatens production shutdown

Having the right parts at the right time is crucial to production success for a large aerospace company. 

When parts aren’t passing quality standards, production costs rise dramatically. 

Schedules are not met, deadlines are lost, engineers, managers, and skilled workers come under pressure.

This is exactly the scenario presented to Kirin Manufacturing. 

A phone call from the aerospace company outlined the situation we faced:

  • A critical part in our client’s production was missing – creating production schedule delays

  • This was an emergency situation – any more delays would be very costly

  • Five other suppliers had failed to meet their quality requirements

  • They needed the parts – and they needed them NOW

Kirin Manufacturing accepted the challenge.

After receiving the part specifications, Kirin went to work. 

The sheet metal parts required multiple processes including:

  • Laser cutting

  • Forming by stamping

  • Finishing of the final pieces

  • AND fall within the quality standards.  

The aerospace client was very pleased. 

Kirin Manufacturing delivered the parts to their specs in only 3 days

Needless to say, Kirin Manufacturing just added to their satisfied client list. 

Both Will benefit from working together in the future.

We need a photo for this article - we'd like a part photo

Indeed Review issues

Indeed.com will let people remove their OWN reviews. There are reputation companies that claim they can remove bad reviews. Short term solution, get more good reviews (that look real).